Papaya Peach Fruit Salad

papaya 02.jpg

At your next dinner party, wow your guests with this beautifully delicious fruit salad. This dish will decorate your table with fun colors while delighting taste buds with its fresh flavors. Try it, then sit back and smile.


 Serves: about 8

Total time: about 15 minutes



6 c            Cubed papaya (about 1 large papaya)

½ c           Sliced peaches

¾ c           Fresh blueberries

¼ c           Burl, Cranberry



Wash all fruit, then cube papaya and slice peaches. Place cubed papaya in bottom of large serving bowl. Arrange peach slices on papaya, then sprinkle blueberries on peaches. Top with Burl, and serve.

papaya 01.jpg