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Serves: 8-10

Prep time: about 5 minutes

Total time: about 15 minutes


1 lb      Fresh, ripe strawberries

½ cup  Semi-sweet baking chocolate chips

½ cup  Burl Cranberry



Wash strawberries, pat dry with paper towel, and set aside.

Place Burl in bowl, and set aside.

Place chocolate chips in microwave-safe bowl, and microwave on HIGH for 15 seconds. 

Remove bowl from microwave, stir, then microwave on HIGH for another 15 seconds, remove & stir.

Continue microwaving for 15 seconds at a time until chocolate chips are nearly melted.  Remove and stir until smooth.

For each strawberry, dip first in melted chocolate until coated. Carefully roll in Burl, then set aside to cool.

Once cool, serve and enjoy!

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