It’s a weekday afternoon and the kiddos will be home from school any minute. After a long day of learning, these little mouths will be hungry. But dinner is still several hours away. What do you do? This recipe lets you whip up a healthy and tasty snack in a snap.

Crisis avoided. You’re brilliant.


Serves: 1

Total time: about 5 minutes


1/3 c             Fresh blueberries

1/4 c             Plain yogurt

1 tsp             Honey

1 tbsp           Burl (any flavor)

after school parfait 3.jpg


Wash blueberries then place in small serving bowl.

Add yogurt and honey.

Top with Burl.

Serve to the kiddos or grands.

Watch for excited reactions.

Chef’s Tip: To mix it up a bit, place yogurt and honey at bottom of serving bowl. Top with blueberries and Burl.

after school parfait 2.jpg
Chad Cummings